Liz Lambert has created a heap of letter templates for you to customize to your particular situation or circumstance. We also highlight specific parts of legislation and safety data sheets that support worker rights and Acts such as The Health Act 1956 that have been in the news


Hang on to Your Socks Notes – ERA & HSWA clauses


The Laws Around The Medicines Act 1981


More to Come

More to come

How to Lay a Complaint to Human Rights Commission

Lay a Complaint with Labour Inspectorate For Job Listing with Vax Req


Template Letter
Dear Boss…
Slavery is against the law under section 83 HSWA and 67F ERA

Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and
Workplace Management) Regulations 2016

Clause 9 C19 Vax Orders
For companies that have implemented private mandates stating that they had no choice – Actually yes they did


Pfizer Safety Data Sheet with Chris Lind’s Highlights


Notice to Employer of Breach of Contract


Human Rights Act 1993 – NOTES

Health Act 1956 – See highlighted sections that help us see that we don’t need to live in fear around this Act

Public Service Commission – Discrimination in the Workplace

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