100 Episode Rumble

Check out our awesome Rumble Index and Study Tool that Covers 100 Epidoses!! Thanks to our Anzac N8er! Hunreds of hours of work involved!

This is a super resource where you can do key word searches on any subjects covered in N8 zooms and you will find every zoom where that subject is discussed – Amazing!

Number 8 - We Are Here For YOU!!!

Here is How We Are Different – It is in Our Rules!

We will ensure –


No Employment Contract Shall Include Forced Medical Treatment Clauses


Zero Tolerance Coercion and Intimidation in the Workplace


N8 Will Ensure The Highest Standard of Workplace Health and Safety


N8 Union Executive To Have NO Political Affiliations or Tolerate Political Interference


Full Defense of Workers Legal Rights paid for in your fees - For less than a coffee per week!!!!

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