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The Development of the N8 Union

A chat about the development of Union Rules, originally from the Food and Service Workers’ Union and why we had to start afresh to leave behind all that is wrong with unions from the last two years and even way before that

Naming the of Number 8 Union

How will being a Number 8 member help workers at workplace Health and Safety meeting? A worker can go along as a delegate of N8.
Check out ERA parts 4,5 and 6 and HSWA 2015 which all support being a union member and negotiating with employers

Union Preamble and Principles

Tonight Liz talks about the Union and goes through the preamble which are the union founding principles

      Union Rules – Voting on them to put them in to place

Part of a raising a PG, the issue of discrimination needs to be included. Employers are behaving like we have a disease or are a dirty person ready to spread illness. Discrimination for a disability or in fact a “percieved” disability, illness or disease
ERA – 105 Discrimination
HRA – Section 21(1)(h)(bii)

Case law 1997 “Re Gay Rights/Special Rights; Inside The Homosexual Agenda” The Film and Literature Board – Film Sensorship
The main point is gay people were said to spread HIV and were pedophiles
See our files section for more details

The Risks of Masks, the masks we should be wearing if there realy was a deadly virus

To further your knowledge of how legislation applies check out these cases – 

These are cases which have favoured bodily autonomy:

13 Oct 2021, Federal Judge

Grants Preliminary Injunction Against N.Y.’s Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers:…

8 November 2021 High Court ruling,

Justice Cook says at page 11 paragraph [30] in relation to being required to undergo a medical treatment for a job “…the level of pressure is significant and amounts to coercion “. 22cf1698-6eba-4ee2-a636-1eeeae3fc49f.pdf (  

14 Dec 2014, U.S. Supreme Court

denies injunction against New York health care vaccine mandate:


17 Dec 2021 United Airlines

Employee Vaccine Mandates stopped 


 Vaccine mandates stopped

25 Feb 2022 Vaccine mandates found unlawful under NZ Bill of Rights Act

RYAN YARDLEY – First Applicant, JOSHUA WALLACE – Second Applicant, DEFENCE FORCE WORKER- Third Applicant
171f8c63-4053-4cdf-9157-418bf3b4a695.pdf (

7 Mar 2022, Supreme Court

denies injunction in challenge of New York City’s public school COVID-19 vaccination mandate:…

18 April 2022 US Supreme Court removed mask requirements on transportation including planes

A popular film in 1993 – Philadelphia – dealt with the issue of discrimination in the workplace:

Quotes from “Philadelphia” [Plaintiff opening statement]
“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: forget everything you’ve seen on television and in the movies.
There’s not going to be any last minute surprise witnesses, nobody’s going to break down on the stand with a tearful confession, you’re going to be presented with simple facts.
Andrew Beckett was fired and you’ll two explanations on why he was fired, ours and theirs it’s up to you to sit through layer upon layer of truth until you determine for yourself which version sounds the most true.
There’s certain points I must prove to you: point number one: Andrew Beckett was… is a brilliant lawyer, a great lawyer, point number two: my client afflicted with a disabling disease made the understandable, the personal, and the legal choice to keep the fact of hi
s illness to himself point number three: his employers discovered his illness and ladies and gentlemen the illness I’m referring to is AIDS point number four: they panicked and in their panic they did what most would do which is just get “it” and everybody who has “it” as far as away as possible, the behaviour of my client’s employers seem reasonable to you, it does to me, after all AIDS is a deadly incurable disease”

“But no matter how you come to judge Charles Wheeler and his partners in ethical and moral and inhuman terms, the fact of the matter is when they fired Andrew Beckett because he has AIDS they broke the law.”

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