Why was the the Number 8 Workers’ Union Of New Zealand Inc Formed?

The Number 8 Union has been formed because of the disillusionment and disappointment workers throughout New Zealand have with the current state of the union movement in New Zealand.

In particular the union movement’s support of a political agenda of the State to coerce workers into accepting so called ‘vaccinations’ in exchange for their jobs.

We came to the conclusion that the way to prevent this situation arising in the future was to form a union devoid of political interference and to negotiate new collective agreements wherever possible that specifically forbid the coercion of workers to become the subject of medical interventions by the strategy of the threat of job loss for non compliance. 

For the avoidance of doubt the Number 8 Workers Union forbids the affiliation of this union with any political party or the support of any person running for political office of any kind. Should any office holder in the union decide they wish to stand for any political office they must first resign their office in the union. 

We are committed to the highest standard of health safety in the workplace by the full utilization and defense of workers’ legal rights contained in both the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Health and Safety Act 2015

We Are Here For YOU!!!

Here is How We Are Different!

It is in Our Rules!

We will ensure –


No Employment Contract Shall Include Forced Medical Treatment Clauses


Zero Tolerance Coercion and Intimidation in the Workplace


N8 Will Ensure The Highest Standard of Workplace Health and Safety


N8 Union Executive To Have NO Political Affiliations or Tolerate Political Interference


Full Defense of Workers Legal Rights paid for in your fees - For less than a coffee per week!!!!

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