Genius Law Work With Liz Lambert

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Tonight we talk about

Solutions Under the Health and Safety at Work Act and Employment Relations Act for Unjustified Dismissal and other job loss claims against employers

Forms of exemptions – Schedule 3A of ERA – Employers have an out when it comes to sacking employees – THEY DON’T HAVE TO SACK ANYONE!

So with that in mind Calling all Nurses – Join Number 8 so you can get your case heard and you can go back to work!

Provisional Approval of the jab. This allows medical treatments to be injected in to/fed to unsuspecting New Zealanders, which have never been tested or studied in any way shape or form. Scary as sh**!!!

Safe and Effective” is a lie and that type of “Warranty” is NOT allowed under the Medicines Act 1956

Police Public Liability Insurance
The Police have Public Liability Insurance with Chubb. They paid out from 2010/2011-2021/2022, $6,330,467.54 to 185 claimants! This represents an annual payout of over $500,000.00 and an average pay out per claimant of $34,218.74! Police have paid all these claims out themselves and never ever made a claim on their insurance!!! WHY? and where did the money go that is being used to pay the insurance premiums? Put through the washing machine perhaps and sent to a place starting with U?


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